New Year's Eve Driving Oregon
Staying Safe New Year’s Eve in Oregon
Dec 31, 2020

Many people are looking forward to being done with 2020 and want to give it a proper send off.

However, this New Year’s Eve in Oregon will be a lot different than other years.

For starters, bars in most of Oregon are only allowed to be open until 11 pm. Secondly, Trimet is not offering free rides on New Year’s Eve this year. This could make driving pretty sketchy. At least it’s not going to be below freezing, according to the local weatherman.

Staying Safe

Do not drive if you believe you are impaired or over the legal blood alcohol limit.

If you are going to be consuming alcohol or other legal substances, such as marijuana, ensure that you are doing so in a safe, controlled environment with people you can trust, and also ensure you have a designated sober driver.

Remember that there are no free rides on Trimet this year and cabs and lift services could be very busy so ensure you have transportation options if you are going out.

The Best Nightclub In Oregon This Year

There’s a nightclub that has drinks poured as stiff as you like, doesn’t close at 11 pm, and plays the music you like best. It’s called “Staying Home.”

Please be safe.

If you are involved in a traffic accident, please seek medical attention first and then get legal advice.

If you or someone you know is pulled over by police for a suspected DUI, always follow the officer’s instructions, but do not discuss your evening with them or what you have consumed. Consult an attorney to know your rights before answering questions from law enforcement about where you have been or what you have been doing.