Domestic Violence Defence couple arguing in home in BeavertonA domestic violence charge can cause extensive damage to your reputation, as well as your peace of mind. It’s of the utmost importance that you face domestic violence charges alongside an experienced attorney who is not only well-versed in criminal defense but dedicated to exploring all possible methods of achieving an acquittal or reduced sentencing. If you’ve been charged with domestic violence, get in touch with Corbridge Law Offices, P.C. today.


Criminal Defense Attorneys With Extensive Expertise

The criminal defense lawyers at Corbridge Law Offices are fully prepared to provide you with top-tier domestic violence representation. Throughout the history of the practice, principal attorney, Ryan R. Corbridge, has managed to secure acquittals for clients charged with domestic violence as well as a variety of other crimes, including harassment, coercion and more. Attorney, Shannon Powell, is an equally invaluable resource, focusing on criminal law and domestic violence.


I had spoken to Ryan Corbridge a couple of weeks ago about the affidavit I had submitted to the court for the judge to lift the no contact order on the DV case against my husband.

I just wanted to thank him for his honesty and advice. We had the hearing last Wednesday, the 17th and after hearing both sides as well as my statement, the judge granted the modification and lifted the no contact order. God does do miracles to those who have hope. 🙂

(Name Changed For Privacy)

Mrs. Jane Doe

Personally Tailored Care And Case Preparation

No two cases are exactly alike, and each client deserves focused, individualized attention from their defense attorney. Regardless of your circumstances, the lawyers at Corbridge Law Offices put their knowledge and courtroom experience to the test to ensure that they serve your needs and achieve the best possible outcome. Additionally, at Corbridge Law, we strive to build trusting bonds between our clients and attorneys, which heightens confidence on both sides and allows us to see more clearly into the background and personal details of a case.

Once we’ve discussed your situation, we’ll get to work on your case without a moment’s hesitation. Witnesses will be contacted, physical evidence will be taken into consideration and all necessary bases will be covered. Over time, our dedicated team will construct the most effective case possible, and we’ll keep in contact with you as things progress. Plus, we’ll ensure that your rights are acknowledged and you’re treated fairly throughout the entire ordeal.

Some domestic violence cases have a tendency to move slowly, which might be frustrating. The attorneys at Corbridge Law Offices will help alleviate your sense of frustration and impatience by clearly communicating with you at all times when it comes to deadlines and changes in the case.


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