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Harassment, Coercion And Assault Representation

Harassment, coercion and assault are all charges that hold a great deal of weight. They can also be incredibly detrimental to your public image and the strength of your personal relationships. The highly qualified and experienced defense attorneys at Corbridge Law Offices have amassed the expertise and knowledge base required to help guide you through your case, no matter the situation.

Harassment Charges

Harassment is classified as either a Class A or Class B misdemeanor in the state of Oregon. At Corbridge Law Offices, we understand the gravity of harassment charges and will take even the most miniscule of details into consideration to build your case. Our attorneys are familiar with harassment cases, and we have successfully secured a number of acquittals for these types of charges. We’ll put all we have into your case in an attempt to attain the same results.

Coercion Charges

In Oregon, coercion is categorized as a Class C felony. This means that if you’re facing charges for coercion, you may be sentenced to up to five years in prison and hit with over $100,000 in fines. There’s no denying that this type of sentencing can change the course of your life, and Corbridge Law Offices is here to help you work through this trying time. Having successfully obtained numerous acquittals for coercion, our attorneys will take careful note of each element of your case in order to tailor our representation to achieve the best possible outcome in court.

Assault Charges

Any assault charge is bound to damage your reputation, so it’s essential that your representation is adequately prepared to take on your case. As we attentively examine the situation, our attorneys at Corbridge Law Offices will frequently update you on the progress of your case while doing everything in our power to ensure a just and fair verdict.

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