Don’t want to take our word for it? The knowledgeable team at Corbridge Law Offices, P.C. in Hillsboro, OR is happy to share the experience of some of our previous legal clients. Read through our testimonials below and see what our attorneys can do for you.

Ryan was awesome. He listened to us and believed us. He gave us options on what we could do and explained them well. I feel like he worked hard to make sure that he didn’t pressure us one way or another.

-- Kathrine – Beaverton, OR

Really satisfied with service. Ryan was able to get my refusal dismissed. So great to have someone who knows the laws, and system to make the process easy.

-- Randi – Hillsboro, OR

Compassionate Service!
When I found myself in need of an attorney I googled a dozen in my area. Ryan was the only one who spent over an hour on the phone with me initially and it genuinely felt as if he cared. He kept me informed and would offer his expertise, but ultimately left the final decision up to me, if I wanted to take a plea or go to trial. I chose to go to trial and he was ready for the fight. Luckily the DA dismissed the charges and I was able to walk away. I felt as if he really truly had my best interest in mind and genuinely cared about my well being. I would definitely use him again, however I hope I never have to!

-- AF

No one ever plans on needing legal help, but I was lucky to have turned to Ryan Corbridge. Through what turned into a 3 year battle with my own insurance company, they completely exceeded my expectations and made sure my interests were protected. Thanks to their dedicated approach, we won our case handily! I would fully recommend them for any legal needs if you ever need it. I am thoroughly impressed and satisfied!

-- JS

All of the staff members really took care of me especially Carolyn. These are best attorneys I have ever had! They communicated clearly and followed through. If I ever had a need for another attorney I would definitely come back. Nathan was very professional and fought for my settlement.

-- DY

The best lawyer we ever had and the most caring.

-- HT

I feel very fortunate to have been represented by the Corbridge Law Offices. Their knowledge, experience and attention to detail resulted in a favorable outcome for me. I was looking at a lifetime license revocation, but because they were able to suppress key evidence from the police investigation, my DUII charge was dismissed. Now I am able to keep my job and provide for my family.

-- KW

I have never worked with an attorney who actually answers his phone, spends time talking to me about an issue, and thoroughly explains my options like Ryan does. I have found Ryan to be direct, honest and absolutely trustworthy. Ryan displays a sense of humor and sensitivity, and does not make me feel silly or unintelligent. He has surrounded himself with a team of knowledgeable and hardworking professionals.

-- DE

Ryan provided pretrial prep, DVD on best practices for testifying, in depth coverage on the case and research on the pertinent facts. His team of legal assistants helped with testimony prep and counseling every step of way. We had multiple meetings going over calls and police reports. Ryan’s understanding of the whole process was invaluable for dealing with the travesties that had occurred. All that aside, more to the point it comes down to prep and jury selection and knowledge of the court proceedings. Ryan’s closing techniques and understanding of the Jury selection really brought it home. I would recommend Ryan and his firm to anyone that wants to win their case!

-- CC